7 Simple Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth & Prevent Hair Loss


Hair hair everywhere? Yes it is a nightmare to deal with excessive hair loss. Read on to a quick guide to prevent hair loss the natural way using Simple Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth & Prevent Hair Loss.

We’re all used to treating yoga as a physical and mental exercise that helps us relieve stress, relax, and strengthen our fitness and overall health. Yoga, on the other hand, seems to be a safe way to prevent hair loss because it decreases stress and improves blood circulation.

Millions of people suffer from extreme hair loss as a result of stress, poor environmental conditions, or an unhealthy lifestyle. If you’re suffering from this problem, try a few simple yoga asanas – even beginners will benefit from them!

Benefits of Yoga Asanas For Hair Growth

  • This Yoga also helps the body move away from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic one, which reduces stress which is one of the main causes of hair loss.
  • Asanas like sarvangasana contribute to the regulation of thyroid gland function, which also plays a key role in hair growth.
  • Relaxing yoga poses like Vajrasana helps relieve body tension and anxiety and enhancing digestion, a further cause of hair loss.

7 Best Yoga Asanas for hair growth & For Preventing Hair Fall

Adho Mukha Savasana ( Downward-facing dog pose )

This one of the best yoga asanas for hair growth promotes blood circulation in the head and the crown area and feeds the hair follicles at the same time. This asana is one of the best-proven Indian cold remedies for hundreds of years.

  • Start on your hands and feet, with your knees and hands touching the ground and your hands perpendicular to your knees and shoulders.
  • Turn the hips right and stand on the toes. Now stretch out your legs.
  • Try to keep your feet flat on the mat and shape an upside-down “V” with your body.
  • For 1 to 3 minutes, hold the asana. Slowly untuck your toes and return to your knees to release the pose.

Vajrasana ( Dimond Pose)

This is a quick and easy-to-follow yoga for hair growth that almost everyone can do. When you do this asana, the blood circulation in your scalp improves, allowing your hair follicles to expand. This asana also assists in weight loss, relieves bloated abs, and encourages digestion.

Young woman in Hero pose in yoga (Series with the same model available)
  • To begin the diamond pose, sit on your heels with your toes flat on the mat.
  • Make a fist with your hands and place them on your hips. You can either hold your palms up or down.
  • Maintain a normal breathing pattern by keeping your back straight.
  • Hold the position for 30 sec  to 2 minutes.

Sarvangasana ( Shoulder stand )

Sarvangasana is an essential part of any yoga routine for hair development. This asana aids in the nourishment of the thyroid gland as well as the circulation of blood to the brain, and is an excellent cure for hair loss. It’s also one of the neck-pain-relieving yoga poses.

yoga asanas for hair growth
Sporty beautiful young woman in white sportswear doing Supported Shoulderstand exercise, Salamba Sarvangasana, studio full length isolated shot, side view
  • Begin by lying on your back on the floor in a shoulder stand.
  • Inhale and raise your legs to the point that your toes point to the sky.
  • To help your body, use your shoulders and the back of your neck. Ascertain that the spine and legs are in a straight line.
  • Hold the position for 30 to 1 minute. Slowly bend your knees and lower your legs to exit the pose.

Uttanasana (Forward Fold )

This is another forward bending posture that is by far the best for having a flat stomach in yoga. It improves the consistency, thickness, and texture of hair by increasing blood flow to the head and preventing hair loss.

yoga asanas for hair growth
  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the floor. Maintain a straight back and legs.
  • Slowly lean over until the forehead and knees are in contact.
  • Grab your toes as best you can. Place your hands on the mat at the sides of your feet if you can’t hit your toes.
  • For 1 minute, hold the asana. Slowly return to the starting position to release the pose.

Apanasana (  Knees to chest pose )

This is one of the most effective yoga poses for preventing hair loss because it cleanses the body and eliminates toxins. It purifies the blood and stimulates the hair follicles, promoting hair development. It’s also one of the most popular yoga exercises for back pain, since it relieves tension in the back and neck muscles.

yoga asanas for hair growth
  • Start by lying down on your back on the floor. Bring your legs up to your shoulders while bending your knees.
  • Hug your shins with a relaxed grip. Bring your knees up to your chest as you exhale. Release your grip when you inhale.
  • After that, tighten your grip and keep the pose for 12 breaths. Take a deep breath and relax. Slowly straighten your legs to exit the pose.

Ustrasana ( Camel Pose )

Ustrasana is one of the most popular natural hair growth treatments because it not only guides blood flow to the scalp but also balances any thyroid gland irregularities that cause hair loss. When done on a regular basis, it can be as effective as any natural hair fall home remedy.

yoga asanas for hair growth
  • Kneeon your mat, hips wide apart and over your knees. Placing your hands at the base of your spine is a good place to start.
  • Your shoulder blades should be pulled together as you push your hips forward.
  • Place your hands on your ankles and bend backward. For 5 seconds, hold the asana. Inhale and return to the starting position on your knees to release the pose.

Balayam Yoga (Nail Rubbing )

Balayam yoga, which was made famous all over the world by Baba Ramdev, is almost always included in hair growth tips. It is very simple to do and can be done at any time, even while sitting at your desk.

All you have to do is rub your fingernails together on both hands. Curl your fingers inwards, pointing them towards your palm. Bring your hands together so that the nails on all of your fingers are in contact. Check that each nail touches the corresponding nail in the opposite hand. For 5 minutes, vigorously rub them together. For this exercise, do not use the thumbnails.

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2 Powerful Pranayama Techniques for yoga asanas for hair growth

Stress is one of the biggest causes of hair loss. Pranayama and meditation are the best way to relieve stress. Meditation and pranayama significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels and increase your body’s blood flow.

Kapalbhati Pranayama ( Breath Of Fire )

Kapalbhati is a strong breathing exercise in pranayama that helps the brain to get more oxygen so that the nervous system functions are encouraged and the toxins are removed. It also contributes to combating diabetes and obesity.

yoga poses for digestion
  • Fold your legs and sit in Padmasana, or Lotus Pose.
  • Now vigorously exhale while gently inhaling.
  • Continue this breathing procedure for a total of 5 minutes.
  • It might be difficult to maintain this breathing for even one minute at first, but with practise, you will be able to do so for up to five minutes.
Anulom Vilom ( Alternate Nostril Breathing )

  • Place the thumb of one hand on one nostril and fold the index finger when sitting in Padmasana, or Lotus Pose. 
  • Maintain the ring finger straight so that the other nose can be shut.
  • Now inhale the open nose deeply, fasten the finger, open and exhale the nose with the index finger. This completes one loop.
  • Inhale from the same nostril that you exhaled out of and repeat the breathing process to start the next cycle.

Important Tips for Healthy Hair

You should also follow a few tips to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss rather than do these asanas and pranayama techniques every day.

  • Diet also plays a key role in healthy hair promotion. In order to provide hair follicles the necessary nutrients, you should always try following a balanced diet chart that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, pulses, cereals, germs, dairy products and proteins.
  • It’s also important to keep your hair clean. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week with neem water and use cocoa oil to massage your skirt to clear dandruff and fungi.
  • To avoid damage, avoid using severe chemicals, colouring, styling products and heated hair styling instruments.
  • Use a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner after each shampoo. An addition of brilliance, strength and static electricity significantly improves the appearance of the damaged hair. It also provides protection against harsh UV rays.

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